#CIR2018 Summer Retreat Champaign, IL June 8 & 9, 2018

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No refunds wil be given on meeting room fees.

Summer Retreat in Champaign IL will be held June 8 & 9, 2018. Guest rooms will be $140 + tax per night for a standard room with either 2 queens or 1 king bed. The meeting room will be availale from  9AM-11PM Friday and Saturday. There will be 2 exchanges for this retreat.

Exchange #1 Mystery Box

Explaination: Buy a decorative box and fill it with all kinds of fun things that fit into the categories below. 80-90% of the items in  your box should be stitching related. Before placing the items in your box, simply wrap them and number them according to the numbers on the list.

1. My favorite stitching thing-Can be a designer you want to share or your new favorite accessory

2. Must have when traveling with your stitching

3. Something "froggy"

4. Something "sweet"

5. Something blue

6. Something yellow

7. Something "summer"

8. Something soft

9. Something shiny or sparkly

10. Notecard with something about you on it

Exchange #2- Bookmark

Explaination: Just wrap up a pretty little stitched bookmark to exchange. You can either wrap this item in a box, use a decorative box or gift bag.

Exchanges are optional