#NM2018 Nashville Needlework Market Retreat March 2-5,2018

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Nashville Cross Stitch Market retreat will be held March 2-5, 2018 in Franklin, Tn. PLEASE NOTE YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACTUALLY ENTER THE NEEDLEWORK MARKET, IT IS A WHOLESALE MAREKT FOR RETAILERS ONLY! This is a no frills retreat, just bring what you're working on and stitch the weekend away in the meeting room with a gorgeous nighttime view of the city. While you are stitching I"ll be busy at the needlework market buying all of the latest and greatest items available from your favorite designers. Think of me as your personal shopper for the weekend. I go to market, purchase the items and bring them back to the meeting room so you can be the first to see all of the new "stuff" first! You will be able to purchase the items you want at that time as well and take them home with you! Due to time constraints on your host there will be no exchanges, door prizes or giveaways for this retreat.

The meeting room will be available from:

3 PM-12 AM Friday

9AM-12 AM Saturday

9AM-12 AM Sunday

9AM-12 AM Monday